On this long, cold trip
Through the vacuum of space
I miss your lips
And I miss your face.
Will I ever see my baby again?
It is so lonely in post-orbital spin

‘Cause even spacemen need
A little bit of love
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Even space men need
A little bit of love at night.

I have traveled far;
I have traveled wide.
Binary stars
Pulse as we go by.
In each burning sphere
I see your bright eyes.
I wish you were here
Lying by my side

Even space men need
Someone to keep them warm at night.

Maya, my oh my
How I do miss you.
Reading Stephen Hawking
In my bunk is so lonely
When you are home on Planet Earth.

If I ever get back
Home to Planet Earth
I’ll get my life on track;
It will be a rebirth.
I cannot wait
To say how I’ve always felt
But we must navigate
This asteroid belt.

Even spacemen need
A little love from time to time.


from SCI​-​FI MIND 2​.​0, released November 9, 2016



all rights reserved


James Wesley Nichols Greenville, South Carolina

All songs, voices, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, sequencing, tape and digital recording, artwork, design, packaging, and so on, by James Wesley Nichols, unless otherwise indicated.

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