by Sun Sweet Sun

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This collection of radio telescope transmissions' collision of androgynous singalong psyche-folk and swaggering, fuzz and feedback-fueled power-pop anthems is pure pleasure.


Originally "released" December, 2008, and continually updated.

This version:

June 11, 2016


released February 14, 2014

JAMES WESLEY NICHOLS - guitars, fuzz, feedback, effects, drum programming, keyboards, melodica, bells, acousmatic collages, sine waves, AM radio, Marsona 1200.

With additional voices, instruments and support from Jake Xingu, Cooper Knights, and Lily Darger.

Produced by PROFESSOR SEX at the PINK AMOEBA Recording Studio & Sawmill near Greenville, SC.



all rights reserved


James Wesley Nichols Greenville, South Carolina

All songs, voices, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, sequencing, tape and digital recording, artwork, design, packaging, and so on, by James Wesley Nichols, unless otherwise indicated.

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Track Name: Beam Me Up
Last night by the moonlight, my folks got into a fight, and flying saucers were made of dinner plates. So I climbed up on the roof and pretended to be aloof. But I secretly prayed that they would beam me up, up up! Beam me up, beam me up; take me far, far away. Take me to another galaxy.

A million flashing lights filled the neighborhood with fright, but I was excited to see a UFO. So I grabbed my camera (which was made in Canada!) and documented this unprecedented scene. Beam me up, beam me up; take me far, far away. Fulfill all my interstellar fantasies.
Track Name: The Starship Pizarro (Is Leaving Today)
A crowd has gathered all around to witness an auspicious site. The Sun is smiling down and down today! Because the Starship Pizarro is leaving today. Her maiden voyage is well underway. The people will celebrate with a parade.

The course is set for Ganymede, who's seas consist of mercury. It is the strangest world that we have found. So the Starship Pizarro is leaving today. She will transport us far, far away. Nothing could persuade her crew to remain.

The Starship Pizarro is leaving today. She will soon blast off far into space. Don't even bother attempting a chase. The Starship Pizarro is leaving today.
Track Name: Androgynous World
Somewhere past the outer rim where the sunshine's kind of dim my noble ship crash landed on the surface of some planet, the likes of which I'd never seen before, and when I stepped outside the capsule's door I found myself a man in an androgynous world, where the girls all look just like boys and the boys look just like girls.

The sky was pink on Ganymede; the ground was smooth as silk; the trees' leaves were all made of lace and glitter rained from the sky. But the people I met were even stranger still. To discern the sexes was impossible when I found myself a man in &ct.

I didn't know I was in for something bizarre, oh when I stepped on board the starship Pizarro at Cape Canaveral. But now I'm marooned on some orbiting moon with mirrored glass seas and green sand dunes where transforming is natural.
Track Name: All You Earthlings Look the Same
We observed you from afar, then we traveled from the stars to get a better look. With our X-Ray telescopes we arrived all full of hope to write new science books. But we were so disappointed that you were not triple jointed that we could not help but say:

All you earthlings look the same; it's a good thing.

You would never know we're here way up in your atmosphere watching your every move. But we notice every little thing from Buenos Aires to Beijing, from the Ganges to the Louvre. And we've reached such a sad conclusion that we're feeling disillusioned, as we have discovered:

All you earthlings look the same; it's a good thing you have names.